Week Nine – November 24 Theme: Theatre and Prison

Lecturer: Clean Break


Reading for next week:

Required readings in preparation for session 9:

Reason, M. (2010) ‘Theatre For Children and education’ in The young audience – exploring and

enhancing children’s experiences of theatre. Staffordshire: Trentham Books. pp. 3 – 14.

Webb, T. (2012) ‘Impossible audiences: The Oily Cart’s theatre for infants, people with complex

learning disabilities and other young audiences who are primarily non verbal’ in Maguire, M. & Schuitema, K. (eds) theatre for young audiences – a critical handbook.

  1. 93 – 103.

Govan, E., Nicholson, H. Normington, K. ( 2007) ‘Narratives of Community’ in Making a

Performance – Devising Histories and Contemporary Practices. London: Routledge.

  1. 73 – 87.

Suggested readings:

Greig, N.(2008) Young People, New Theatre – A practical Guide To The Intercultural Process.

London: Routledge.

Greig, N. (2005) Playwriting – A practical guide. London: Routledge.

Assignment: précis of readings, journal/blog, research groups

Formative Assessment Task: submit draft essay


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